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Dental Treatments That Involve a Full Smile Makeover

Sometimes, people suffer from multiple cosmetic issues that cause their smiles to look unattractive. A full mouth reconstruction can be carried out to address both cosmetic and functional concerns. Those who are in need of these services should learn as much as possible so they will be fully prepared. The process of full reconstruction takes time but results in a beautiful and fully functioning smile.

What Should Patients Know?

The process of rebuilding the structures of the mouth is an involved one that requires multiple steps, depending on the unique needs of the patient. There are several reasons a person might need these treatments, including the following.

  • The patient has lost teeth due to injury or decay.
  • Some of the patient’s teeth have been damaged.
  • The patient has teeth that have become severely worn down.
  • The patient suffers from chronic jaw, head, or mouth pain due to issues with their teeth.

When the above issues are occurring, the individual will need to schedule a consultation appointment to learn which treatment plan will be most effective. A mouth restoration involves general and restorative dentists working together to reach the goal of a more functional, healthy, and attractive smile for the patient.

Four Components of Mouth Restoration

There are four components of these services for patients. Having a full understanding of these services will help individuals to make the right decision for their dental care needs.

  • If any signs of gum disease are noted, the patient will need to be treated. Chronic gum disease can lead to eventual tooth loss and must be treated before other steps are taken.
  • The patient’s teeth are fully evaluated to determine which treatments are needed. Fillings, crowns, and veneers are all used in mouth restoration treatments.
  • If there any jaw malformations, these will be addressed. Often, surgery is needed to correct alignment for better function.
  • The final part of the restoration involves esthetics to improve the shape, color, and appearance of the teeth so the patient’s smile is made more attractive.

If you are interested in this restoration process, call today to schedule your appointment. These treatments can dramatically improve the function and appearance of your smile.

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