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Potential Benefits of Nutraceuticals From Numedica for a Range of Health Conditions

Men and women who want to be sure they are buying nutritional supplements of excellent quality must do a bit of research on brands they are considering. They will be interested to learn that many healthcare practitioners prescribe supplements from numedica, a company that formulates and produces high-quality professional-grade supplements known as nutraceuticals.

Alternative and Complementary Therapy

In the diet, nutraceuticals are primarily found in fruits and vegetables. Their phytochemicals, such as chemicals accounting for plant pigments, have a wide range of beneficial effects.

This is the goal of nutraceutical supplements as well. Doctors and other healthcare practitioners who take a holistic view of the body may recommend a nutraceutical as an alternative to or as a complementary therapy with medication, depending on the patient’s condition. The substances are known for reducing inflammation in the body and for antioxidant effects. Their impact on physiology may improve health, prevent chronic disease and negative effects of aging, and even extend the person’s lifespan.

These types of supplements can be considered medicinal in a sense, although they are not drugs or medication. Pharmacists do consider nutraceuticals to be pharmaceutical products, however, because the products are not just for supplementing vitamins and minerals in the diet. The products are intended to address health issues, including chronic illnesses.

People Who May Benefit

Healthcare practitioners who prescribe nutraceuticals do not necessarily expect the products to cure any disease the patient has. One goal is to reduce or manage symptoms better. Another is to slow or halt disease progression or to reverse the disease effects as much as possible. Examples of serious chronic disorders that nutraceuticals may help include Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and fatty liver disease.

These supplements also can be beneficial for patients with bothersome conditions that are not classified as diseases or syndromes. Healthcare practitioners may recommend nutraceuticals for patients who suffer from insomnia, for example. The right supplement may help a patient lower blood cholesterol levels. Someone who travels extensively may feel better and not have such noticeable jet lag.

Men and women with psychiatric and psychological disorders also may find some relief with nutraceuticals. People dealing with generalized anxiety disorder or mild chronic depression are examples.

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